The AF Susu scheme follows the pattern of the traditional “susu” scheme. The product is designed to enable clients’ to increase their cash base and create extra income to boost working capital. The customer chooses how much he/she can afford to contribute daily and is for a period of thirty-one (31) days .At the end of the period, the customer can withdraw the total amount leaving one day contribution for the company as commission.

Benefits and Features.
(i) Minimum daily contribution is GHs2.00 for 31days
(ii) Maximum daily contribution depends on the customer’s affordability.
(iii) Withdrawal can be done at any time in the month.
(iv) Accumulated Susu deposit can be used as cash collateral to access a loan
(v) It is easy, safe and suitable way of saving for the future.

This is a savings product designed to meet the saving needs of individuals who want to save to build capacity. Customers can save any amount at any time and earn attractive interest on savings. Interest is accrued on daily basis and the first withdrawal can be done only after sixty (60) days that’s two month’s time. If a customer withdraws before this period, the customer would be charge GHs5 as a penalty.

Benefits and Features
(i) Minimum amount to earn interest is GH₵100.00
(ii) Interest rate is up to 12% per annum.
(iii) Interest is accrued on daily basis on the balance.
(iv) The account can be opened with a minimum balance of Gh₵5.00
(v) Contribution can be done on daily basis.
(vi) No penalty is charged on withdrawal after sixty (60) days.

N.B. Withdrawal can be done once a month, and any other withdrawal within the month will attract a penalty of Gh₵5.00

This account is specially designed for field savings and loan operations to enable clients to operate an account with a view of obtaining a loan after the savings period.

Benefit and Features
(i) A minimum opening balance is Gh₵5.00.
(ii) No interest is charged on this account.
(iii) Account can be used to obtain a loan.
(iv) Periodic savings to accumulate guarantee fund for a loan facility.
(v) At least, client should do a continuous savings for 2 months to qualify for a loan.
(vi) Depending of the nature of client’s business, one can access up to three times his/her contribution.

The AF current account is a transactional account and it operates like a regular current account in a normal bank. Deposits and Withdrawal are done at any point in time. Opening deposit is Gh₵10.00 and the minimum balance in the account should be Gh₵5.00.The account is charged Gh₵2.00 per month and withdrawal can be done with the withdrawal slip.

Fixed deposit account is specially designed to offer a great return on investment for customers. Deposit can be made for a period of three (3) month, six (6) month, nine (9) months and 1year. Fixed deposit attracts no charge what so ever but earn high interest rate. A minimum deposit is five hundred Ghana cedi (Gh₵500.00) and withdrawal can be done only on maturity. Interest rate is up to 28% per annum.


These loans are designed for petty traders, shop owners, food vendors, fishmongers etc. who need a small top-up capital injection to boost up their business. Loan amount ranges between Gh₵200 to Gh₵2,000.

These loans are specially designed for businessmen and women who need finance more than micro loan. The money can be used as capital injection in the business or can also be used to finance various projects i.e. LPO’s, clearing of vehicles, goods etc. The loan amount that can be accessed is above Gh₵2,000.

The auto-loan is designed to finance vehicle for both private and commercial use. Here the customer finances 50% of the retail price of the vehicle and AF finances the other 50%. The customer has to do a continuous daily contribution to raise the 50% before the facility would be considered. Depositing lump sum into the account to access the facility is not acceptable.

Loan that one benefit as a result of doing progressive savings. The interest rate is very affordable between 5-6% per month. Here, the customer contributes continuously for 2-3months with the aim of accessing a loan facility to boost working capital.

Consumer Finance is a special product designed to help our cherished customers to acquire consumer goods. By consumer goods we mean, financing of Household appliances such Televisions, Fridges, Gas cookers, Rice cookers, etc to aid our customers to better their lives. The customers have the liberty to choose their own products from any reliable source. All products should be brand new.


i. Customers contribute 30% deposit through daily contribution i.e. Susu or Savings.
ii. Duration for the loan is maximum 6months.
iii. Customer starts using the product immediately it is purchased.
iv. Interest rate is between 5-7% per month.
v. All goods under this arrangement should be brand new.
vi. Non-customers will contribute 50% of the retail price and AF finances 50%.
vii. Other conditions may be applied.

This product is designed for highly earned individuals who need financial assistance to solve pressing financial needs. Here the individual should be earning regular income from a reputable organization. The client’s total debt service ratio should not be more than 50% of the Net salary.


i. Only salaried workers are eligible to access the facility.
ii. Clients who have taken loan facility elsewhere are disqualified to benefit from this product.
iii. 3 months pay slip and three months bank statement would be needed for assessment.
iv. Contract staff are not eligible under this product.
v. Employer must confirm staff status of employment
vi. Duration of the facility is maximum 6months
vii. Provision of cheques for loan repayment
viii. Other conditions may be applied.

As the name implies is a special loan product designed to cater for emergencies. Normally non-customers may need loan very urgently to meet a pressing financial obligation. Examples are financing LPOs, clearing vehicle from port, etc.

Under this product, only movable collateral is accepted and sometimes the collateral is kept in the company’s custody until whole facility is liquidated before it is released.

High interest rate is charged on this product and the duration is maximum 3months

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